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Hepcidin, the hormone of iron metabolism, is bound specifically to alpha-2-macroglobulin in blood

[rok vydání 2009, impact factor 10.555]


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[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 6.088]


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Exosomes released by imatinib‑resistant K562 cells contain specific membrane markers, IFITM3, CD146 and CD36 and increase the survival of imatinib‑sensitive cells in the presence of imatinib

[rok vydání 2020, impact factor 5.650 ]


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Lack of association between hemochromatosis and factor V Leiden mutations in the Czech population

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Therapeutic potential of hepcidin: the master regulator of iron metabolism

[rok vydání 2016, impact factor 4.897 ]


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Different expression pattern of hepcidin genes in the liver and pancreas of C57BL/6N and DBA/2N mice

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 4.816]


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Hepcidin bound to alpha(2)-macroglobulin reduces ferroportin-1 expression and enhances its activity at reducing serum iron levels

[rok vydání 2013, impact factor 4.600 ]


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[rok vydání 2008, impact factor 4.586]


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Proteomic analysis of hearts from frataxin knockout mice : marked rearrangement of energy metabolism, a response to cellular stress and altered expression of proteins involved in cell structure, motility and metabolism

[rok vydání 2008, impact factor 4.586]


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Prion protein modulates cellular iron uptake : a novel function with implications for prion disease pathogenesis

[rok vydání 2009, impact factor 4.351]


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Hepcidin : a direct link between iron metabolism and immunity.

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 3.871]


Petrak, J.; Vyoral, D.:

Hephaestin : a ferroxidase of cellular iron export.

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 3.871]


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Copper and iron metabolism in Ostreococcus tauri: the role of phytotransferrin, plastocyanin and a chloroplast copper-transporting ATPase

[rok vydání 2019, impact factor 3.796 ]


Petrak, J.; Myslivcova, D.; Man, P.; Cmejla, R.; Cmejlova, J.; Vyoral, D.; Elleder, M.; Vulpe, C.D.

Proteomic analysis of hepatic iron overload in mice suggests dysregulation of urea cycle and impairment of fatty acid oxidation, and changes in the methylation cycle

[rok vydání 2007, impact factor 3.761]


Petrak, J.; Myslivcova, D.; Man, P.; Cmejla, R.; Cmejlova, J.; Vyoral, D.

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[rok vydání 2007, impact factor 3.681]


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Detection and quantitation of iron in ferritin, transferrin and labile iron pool (LIP) in cardiomyocytes using 55Fe and storage phosphorimaging

[rok vydání 2018, impact factor 3.681 ]


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Myocardial iron homeostasis and hepcidin expression in a rat model of heart failure at different levels of dietary iron intake

[rok vydání 2019, impact factor 3.422 ]

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Provaznikova, D.; Peslova, G.; Marinov, I.; Babusiak, M.; Vyoral, D.; Fuchs, O.

The increased expression of SnoN and undetectable levels of important cell cycle regulators, proteins p21Waf1/Cip1 and p27Kip1 as probable causes of the resistance of ML-2 cells proliferation to transforming growth factor-ßETA1

[rok vydání 2007]