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Rivera, A.; Jarolim, P.; Brugnara, C.

Modulation of Gardos channel activity by cytokines in sickle erythrocytes

[year of publication 2006, impact factor 9.631]


Bene, M.C.; Nebe, T.; Bettelheim, P.; Buldini, B.; Bumbea, H.; Kern, W.; Lacombe, F.; Lemez, P.; Marinov, I.; Matutes, E.; Maynadie, M.; Oelschlagel, U.; Orfao, A.; Schabath, R.; Solenthaler, M.; Tschurtschenthaler, G.; Vladareanu, A.M.; Zini, G.; Faure, G.C.; Porwit, A.

Immunophenotyping of acute leukemia and lymphoproliferative disorders: a consensus proposal of the European LeukemiaNet Work Package 10

[year of publication 2011, impact factor 9.561 ]


aut. Avent, N.D.

Molecular analysis of Rh transcripts and polypeptides from individuals expressing the DVI variant phenotype : an RHD gene deletion event does not generate all DVI ccEe phenotypes

[year of publication 2006, impact factor 9.507]


aut. Hassoun, H.

Characterization of the underlying molecular defect in hereditary spherocytosis associated with spectrin deficiency

[year of publication 2006, impact factor 9.507]


Kralovics, R.; Indrak, K.; Stopka, T.; Berman, B.W.; Prchal, J.F.; Prchal, J.T.

Two new EPO receptor mutations : truncated EPO receptors are most frequently associated with primary familial and congenital polycythemias

[year of publication 2006, impact factor 9.507]


Wichterle, H.; Hanspal, M.; Palek, J.; Jarolim, P.

Combination of two mutant alpha spectrin alleles underlies a severe spherocytic hemolytic anemia

[year of publication 2006, impact factor 9.486]


Richardson, D.R.; Ponka, P.; Vyoral, D.

Distribution of iron in reticulocytes after inhibition of heme synthesis with succinylacetone : examination of the intermediates involved in iron metabolism

[year of publication 2006, impact factor 9.475]


Jarolim, P.; Murray, J.L.; Rubin, H.L.; Taylor, W.M.; Prchal, J.T.; Ballas, S.K.; Snyder, L.M.; Chrobak, L.; Melrose, W.D.

Characterization of 13 novel band 3 gene defects in hereditary spherocytosis with band 3 deficiency

[year of publication 2006, impact factor 9.475]


Jelinek, J.; Fairbairn, L.J.; Dexter, T.M.; Rafferty, J.A.; Stocking, C.; Ostertag, W.; Margison, G.P.

Long-term protection of hematopoiesis against the cytotoxic effects of multiple doses of nitrosourea by retrovirus-mediated expression of human 06-alkylguanine-DNA-alkyltransferase

[year of publication 2006, impact factor 9.475]


Vydra, J.; Shanley, R.M.; George, I.; Ustun, C.; et al.

Enterococcal bacteremia is associated with increased risk of mortality in recipients of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

[year of publication 2018, impact factor 9.374 ]


Cmejla, R.; Blafkova, J.; Stopka, T.; Jelinek, J.; Petrtylova, K.; Pospisilova, D.

Ribosomal proteins S3a, S13, S16, and S24 are not mutated in patients with Diamond-Blackfan anemia

[year of publication 2006, impact factor 9.273]


Averbuch, D.; Tridello, G.; Hoek, J.; Mikulska, M.; Akan, H.; Yaňez San Segundo, L.; Pabst, T.; Özçelik, T.; Klyasova, G.; Donnini, I.; Wu, D.; Gülbas, Z.; Zuckerman, T.; Botelho De Sousa, A.; Beguin, Y.; Xhaard, A.; Bachy, E.; Ljungman, P.; De La Camara, R.; Rascon, J.; Ruiz Camps, I.; Vitek, A.; et al.

Antimicrobial resistance in gram-negative rods causing bacteremia in hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients: intercontinental prospective study of the infectious diseases working party of the European bone marrow transplantation group

[year of publication 2017, impact factor 9.117 ]


Buckley, S.A.; Wood, B.L.; Megan Othus, M.; Hourigan, C.S.; Ustun, C.; Linden, M.A.; DeFor, T.E.; Malagola, M.; Anthias, C.; Valkova, V.; et al.

Minimal residual disease prior to allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation in acute myeloid leukemia: a meta-analysis

[year of publication 2017, impact factor 9.090 ]


Eisensmith, R.C.; Okano, Y.; Dasovich, M.; Wang, T.; Guttler, F.; Lou, H.; Guldberg, P.; Lichter-Konecki, U.; Konecki, D.S.; Brdicka, R.

Multiple origins for phenylketonuria in Europe

[year of publication 2006, impact factor 9.076]


Horos, R.; Ijspeert, H.; Pospisilova, D.; Sendtner, R.; Andrieu-Soler, C.; Taskesen, E.; Nieradka, A.; Cmejla, R.; Sendtner, M.; Touw, I.P.; von Lindern, M.

Ribosomal deficiencies in Diamond-Blackfan anemia impair translation of transcripts essential for differentiation of murine and human erythroblasts.

[year of publication 2011, impact factor 9.060 ]


Greenberg, P.L.; Tuechler, H.; Schanz, J.; Sanz, G.; Garcia-Manero, G.; Solé, F.; Bennet; J.M.; Bowen, D.; Fenaux, P.; Dreyfus, F.; Kantarjian, H.; Kuendgen, A.; Levis, A.; Malcovati, L.; Cazzola, M.; Cermak, J.; Fonatsch, C.; Le Beau, M.M.; Slovak, M.L.; Krieger, O.; Luebbert, M.; Maciejewski, J.; Magalhaes, S.M.M.; Miyazaki, Y.; Pfeilstöcker, M.; Sekeres, M.; Sperr, W.R.; Stauder, R.; Tauro, S.; Valent, P.; Vallespi, T.; Van De Loosdrecht, A.A.; Germing, U.; Haase, D.

Revised international prognostic scoring system for myelodysplastic syndromes

[year of publication 2012, impact factor 9.060 ]


Michallet, M.; Sobh, M.; Milligan, D.; Morisset, S.; Niederwieser, D.; Koza, V.; Ruutu, T.; Russell, N.H.; Verdonck, L.; Dhedin, N.; Vitek, A.; Boogaerts, M.; Vindelov, L.; Finke, J.; Dubois, V.; van Biezen, A.; Brand, R.; de Witte, T.; Dreger, P.

The impact of HLA matching on long-term transplant outcome after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for CLL : a retrospective study from the EBMT registry

[year of publication 2010, impact factor 8.966]


Bartkova, J.; Lukas, J.; Guldberg, P.; Alsner, J.; Kirkin, A.F.; Zeuthen, J.; Bartek, J.

The p16-cyclin D/Cdk4-pRb pathway as a functional unit frequently altered in melanoma pathogenesis

[year of publication 2006, impact factor 8.958]


Reed, A.L.; Califano, J.; Cairns, P.; Westra, W.H.; Jones, R.M.; Koch, W.; Ahrendt, S.; Eby, Y.; Sewell, D.; Nawroz, H.; Bartek, J.; Sidransky, D.

High frequency of p16 (CDKN2/MTS-1/INK4A) inactivation in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

[year of publication 2006, impact factor 8.958]


Trka, J.; Zuna, J.; Hrušák, O.; Michalová, K.; Mužíková, K.; Kalinová, K.; Starý, J.

No evidence for MLL/AF4 expression in normal cord blood samples

[year of publication 2006, impact factor 8.782]

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