The IHBT undergoes a regular accreditation process conducted by Czech and foreign auditors. This process helps create a maximum quality and safety environment, thereby reaching top results of the provided care. 

Joint Commission International (JCI) Quality Certificate

The Joint Commission International (JCI) is an independent international organization having 50 years long experience in accreditation of healthcare establishments in the US. It evaluates the quality and safety management system of health services according to international standards. These standards establish procedures for the field of patient care. It primarily concerns the accessibility of care and its continuity, patients’ examination and treatment, the observance of their rights, but also lifelong learning of health professionals. The standards also set the rules for hospital operation and quality management, safety of patients and employees, protection of information, personnel qualification and prevention of hospital infections. The JCI International Quality Certificate is granted for three years; before the end of the three-year-long accreditation period, a healthcare establishment has to be reviewed.

The IHBT acquired the recognition of the prestigious accreditation agency in 2007 (as the third Czech establishment) and, according to accreditation rules, it has been defending it at three-year intervals. The last time when it defended the JCI accreditation was in 2019.

JACIE Accreditation

The Joint Accreditation Committee ISCT-Europe & EBMT (JACIE) is Europe’s only official accreditation body in the field of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and cellular therapy. It promotes high-quality patient care and medical and laboratory practice through a profession-led, voluntary accreditation scheme.

IIn IHBT on 4.-5. On June 6, 2024, a reaccreditation inspection took place to renew the JACIE status of an accredited center (first accreditation granted from 01/ 2019-01/ 2024)  – see Report of centres in process. As a centre of excellence pursuing its own research activity closely related to the provided health care, by obtaining the statute of an internationally accredited transplant centre, the IHBT acquired access to the involvement in international clinical studies that bring medical research findings closer to clinical practice.p

The single organization structure of the IHBT has facilitated the use of the quality management system in compliance with the JCI international standards (the IHBT has been defending this international accreditation successfully ever since 2007), the consecutive implementation of JACIE standards for the transplant program and the joint coordination of the efforts to reach effective mutual communication, efficient sharing of operating procedures and improving the guarantee of safe care for patients and donors. This close cooperation allows rapid identification of potential errors or adverse events and their timely prevention.

European Federation for Immunogenetics (EFI)

The European Federation for Immunogenetics (EFI) is an international professional organization whose aim is to support the development of immunogenetics in medicine and research. It provides a forum for an exchange of information and it also contributes to the reinforcement of skills and knowledge among professionals working in the field (immunogenetics, histocompatibility testing and transplantation medicine). On the basis of expert discussion it issues and regularly updates recommendations for the standardization of techniques, quality control and criteria for accreditation, the introduction of which it evaluates in the framework of accreditation inquiry.

Czech Accreditation Institute (CAI), Public Service Company

The Czech Accreditation Institute (CAI), Public Service Company (Český institut pro akreditaci, obecně prospěšná společnost – ČIA o.p.s.), is a national accreditation agency established by the Government of the Czech Republic. It grants its services to both state and private entities in accordance with valid legislation in all accreditation areas. The principle of a uniform European accreditation system formed by national accreditation agencies working in conformity with uniform rules and performing accreditation according to defined internationally recognized standards, is based on the EC’s position as defined in the Global Conception of Testing and Certification.

In conformity with the requirements of international standards and documents, the CAI performs unbiased, objective and independent assessment of competence of the following entities:

  • Testing and calibration laboratories (ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025)
  • Medical laboratories (ČSN EN ISO 15189)


Accreditation of Laboratories

IHBT Lab Complex

It continuously advocates independent and impartial assessment of professional competence according to the ČSN EN ISO 15189 standard, the application of which is validated by the Czech Accreditation Institute. The examination methods within the scope of accreditation are defined in the Annex to the Accreditation Certificate.

NRL for DNA Diagnostics

Accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute (CAI), Public Service Company, according to the Czech standard ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 Conformity assessment – General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories (since 2002)

Department of HLA

Accredited since 2007 according to professional Standards for Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics Testing of the European Federation for Immunogenetics (EFI)