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Department of Modern Immunotherapy Research

The main goal of our research is the development of new medical products of active cell immunotherapy with the aim of improving the treatment of hemato-oncological diseases. We focus on the use of cells with natural cytotoxic activity against neoplastic cells, mainly NK cells, gamma-delta

T lymphocytes, NK-T cells or cytokine-induced killer cells. The development of new protocols for cellular immunotherapy is closely connected to the research of basic properties and mechanisms controlling the differentiation and activation of antineoplastic cytotoxic functions of cells. Our research strives for acquiring new information about molecular control of the development of cytotoxic properties of cells, their heterogeneity and about possibilities of phenotype manipulations that can be used in immunotherapy. At the same time, we have been developing new experimental methods for cytotoxicity analysis that will contribute to the selection and validation of the best prospective medicinal products. The main goal is to use the results of our research to optimize the conditions for a maximum expansion of cells and their cytotoxic activity and for preserving cytotoxic capabilities of cell also after their transfer into patients’ blood stream.

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Ústav hematologie a krevní transfuze
(​Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion)

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