How to request the samples from the Biobank IHBT Prague?

  • Contact us directly or find the samples of your interest using the BBMRI catalogue Directory ( Directory is a catalogue with highly aggregated data from all BBMRI-ERIC biobanks and their sample/data collections. The pre-selected samples are subsequently requested via BBMRI Negotiator ( You can find the detailed instructions for working with both Directory and Negotiator on the website

  • If the Biobank approves your request, you will be asked to filled the form that you will receive from us. Here you describe your project, type and number of samples, type of data you requested for. Your project should have an ethical approval.

  • Your request will be evaluated by Expert board of the Biobank IHBT Prague.

  • After the request approval the samples and data transfer will be arranged. If you are not from IHBT, the material transfer agreement will be signed.

How to proceed if you want to store the samples for your own project in the Biobank IHBT Prague?

  • Your request will be evaluated by Expert board of the Biobank IHBT Prague.

  • For biobanking of your samples, the informed consents will be required.

  • For each sample you will be asked to fill the form that you will receive from us.

  • We arrange the protocol for the sample collection, processing and storage and we set the processing cost reimbursement.

Quick contact

Outpatient Department
+420 221 977 315

Blood donors
+420 221 977 209

Inpatient Department
+420 221 977 226

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
+420 221 977 294

Transplant Unit
+420 221 977 229

Main switchboard
Tel:+420 221 977 111
Fax:+420 224 913 728

How to find us


Ústav hematologie a krevní transfuze
(​Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion)
U Nemocnice 2094/1
128 00 Praha 2

The nearest underground station: Karlovo náměstí (line B)

The nearest tram station: Karlovo náměstí (10, 16, 22), Moráň (3, 6, 10, 16, 18, 24)

The nearest bus station: U Nemocnice (148), Karlovo náměstí (176)

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