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Šťastná Marková, M.; Hamšíková, E.; Hainz, P.; Hubáček, P.; Kroutilová, M.; Kryštofová, J.; Ludvíková, V.; Musil, J.; Pecherková, P.; Saláková, M.; Šroller, V.;

Pretransplant BK virus-specific T-cell-mediated immunity and serotype specific antibodies may have utility in identifying patients at risk of BK virus-associated haemorrhagic cystitis after allogeneic HSCT

[rok vydání 2021, impact factor 4.422 ]


Mackova, J.; Stasikova, J.; Kutinova, L.; Masin, J.; Hainz, P.; Simsova, M.; Gabriel, P.; Sebo, P.; Nemeckova, S.

Prime/boost immunotherapy of HPV16-induced tumors with E7 protein delivered by Bordetella adenylate cyclase and modified vaccinia virus Ankara

[rok vydání 2007, impact factor 4.313]


Roubalová, K.; Němečková, Š.; Kryštofová, J.; Hainz, P.; Pumannová, M.; Hamšíková, E.

Antigenic competition in the generation of multi-virus-specific cell lines for immunotherapy of human cytomegalovirus, polyomavirus BK, Epstein-Barr virus and adenovirus infection in haematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients

[rok vydání 2020, impact factor 3.685 ]


Nemeckova, S.; Alexova-Zurkova, K.; Hainz, P.; Krystofova, J.; Mackova, J.; Roubalova, K.; Stastna-Markova, M.; Vrana, M.; Vydra, J.

Non-mutated nucleophosmin 1 is recognized by the CD8+ T lymphocytes of an AML patient after the transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells from an HLA-haploidentical donor

[rok vydání 2022, impact factor 3.677 ]


Babiarova, K.; Kutinova, L.; Zurkova, K.; Krystofova, J.; Brabcova, E.; Hainz, P.; Musil, J.; Nemeckova, S.

Immunization with WT1-derived peptides by tattooing inhibits the growth of TRAMP-C2 prostate tumor in mice

[rok vydání 2012, impact factor 3.463 ]


Kutinová, L.; Hainz, P.; Ludvíková, V.; Marešová, L.; Němečková, Š.

Immune response to vaccinia virus recombinants expressing glycoproteins gE, gB, gH and gL of varicella-zoster virus

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 3.270]


Kutinová, L.; Ludvíková, V.; Němečková, Š.; Hainz, P.; Simonová, V.; Vonka, V.

Secondary vaccination with vaccinia virus recombinants : role of residual virulence of recombinants and immunogenicity of extrinsic antigens

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 3.173]


Němečková, Š.; Ludvíková, V.; Marešová, L.; Kryštofová, J.; Hainz, P.; Kutinová, L.

Induction of varicella-zoster virus-neutralizing antibodies in mice by coinfection with recombinant vaccinia viruses expressing the gH or gL gene

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 3.080]


Kutinová, L.; Ludvíková, V.; Marešová, L.; Němečková, Š.; Brouček, J.; Hainz, P.; Vonka, V.

Effect of virulence on immunogenicity of single and double vaccinia virus recombinants expressing differently immunogenic antigens : antibody-response inhibition induced by immunization with a mixture of recombinants differing in virulence

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 3.061]


Mackova, J.; Kutinova, L.; Hainz, P.; Krystofova, J.; Sroller, V.; Otahal, P.; Gabriel, P.; Nemeckova, S.

Adjuvant effect of dendritic cells transduced with recombinant vaccinia virus expressing HPV16-E7 is inhibited by co-expression of IL12

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 3.056]


Němečková, Š.; Stránská, R.; Šubrtová, J.; Kutinová, L.; Otáhal, P.; Hainz, P.; Marešová, L.; Šroller, V.; Hamšíková, E.; Vonka, V.

Immune response to E7 protein of human papillomavirus type 16 anchored on the cell surface

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 2.759]


Zurkova, K.; Hainz, P.; Krystofova, J.; Kutinova, L.; Sanda, M.; Nemeckova, S.

Attenuation of vaccinia virus by the expression of human Flt3 ligand

[rok vydání 2010, impact factor 2.546]


Musil, J.; Kutinova, L.; Zurkova, K.; Hainz, P.; Babiarova, K.; Krystofova, J.; Nemeckova, S.

Antitumor activity and immunogenicity of recombinant vaccinia virus expressing HPV 16 E7 protein SigE7LAMP is enhanced by high-level coexpression of IGFBP-3

[rok vydání 2014, impact factor 2.416 ]


Kutinová, L.; Ludvíková, V.; Kryštofová, J.; Otavová, M.; Simonová, V.; Němečková, Š.; Hainz, P.; Vonka, V.

Influence of the parental virus strain on the virulence and immunogenicity of recombinant vaccinia viruses expressing HBV preS2-S protein or VZV glycoprotein I

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 2.323]


Kutinová, L.; Ludvíková, V.; Simonová, V.; Otavová, M.; Kryštofová, J.; Hainz, P.; Press, M.; Kunke, D.; Vonka, V.

Search for optimal parent for recombinant vaccinia virus vaccines : study of three vaccinia virus vaccinal strains and several virus lines derived from them

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 2.082]


Nemeckova, S.; Sroller, V; Hainz, P.; Krystofova, J.; Smahel, M.; Kutinova, L.

Experimental therapy of HPV16 induced tumors with IL12 expressed by recombinant vaccinia virus in mice

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 1.940]


Gabriel, P.; Babiarova, K.; Zurkova, K.; Krystofova, J.; Hainz, P.; Kutinova, L.; Nemeckova, S.

Chemokine binding protein vCCI attenuates vaccinia virus without affecting the cellular response elicited by immunization with a recombinant vaccinia vector carrying the HPV16 E7 gene

[rok vydání 2012, impact factor 1.750 ]


Nemeckova, S.; Krystofova, J.; Babiarova, K.; Hainz, P.; Musil, J.; Sroller, V.; Maly, M.; Stastna Markova, M.

Reconstitution of cytomegalovirus-specific T-cell response in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell recipients: the contribution of six frequently recognized, virus-encoded ORFs

[rok vydání 2016, impact factor 1.719 ]


Šroller, V.; Ludvíková, V.; Marešová, L.; Hainz, P.; Němečková, Š.

Effect of IFN-y receptor gene deletion on vaccinia virus virulence

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 1.711]


Zurkova, K.; Babiarova, K.; Hainz, P.; Krystofova, J.; Kutinova, L.; Otahal, P.; Nemeckova, S.

The expression of the soluble isoform of hFlt3 ligand by recombinant vaccinia virus enhances immunogenicity of the vector

[rok vydání 2009, impact factor 1.588]