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Mackova, J.; Stasikova, J.; Kutinova, L.; Masin, J.; Hainz, P.; Simsova, M.; Gabriel, P.; Sebo, P.; Nemeckova, S.

Prime/boost immunotherapy of HPV16-induced tumors with E7 protein delivered by Bordetella adenylate cyclase and modified vaccinia virus Ankara

[rok vydání 2007, impact factor 4.313]


Pokorná, D.; Poláková, I.; Kindlová, M.; Dušková, M.; Ludvíková, V.; Gabriel, P.; Kutinová, L.; Müller, M.; Šmahel, M.

Vaccination with human papillomavirus type 16-derived peptides using a tattoo device

[rok vydání 2009, impact factor 3.616]


Mackova, J.; Kutinova, L.; Hainz, P.; Krystofova, J.; Sroller, V.; Otahal, P.; Gabriel, P.; Nemeckova, S.

Adjuvant effect of dendritic cells transduced with recombinant vaccinia virus expressing HPV16-E7 is inhibited by co-expression of IL12

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 3.056]


Gabriel, P.; Babiarova, K.; Zurkova, K.; Krystofova, J.; Hainz, P.; Kutinova, L.; Nemeckova, S.

Chemokine binding protein vCCI attenuates vaccinia virus without affecting the cellular response elicited by immunization with a recombinant vaccinia vector carrying the HPV16 E7 gene

[rok vydání 2012, impact factor 1.750 ]


Nemeckova, S.; Smahel, M.; Hainz, P.; Mackova, J.; Zurkova, K.; Gabriel, P.; Indrova, M.; Kutinova, L.

Combination of intratumoral injections of vaccinia virus MVA expressing GM-CSF and immunization with DNA vaccine prolongs the survival of mice bearing HPV16 induced tumors with downregulated expression of MHC class I molecules

[rok vydání 2008, impact factor 1.208]


Němečková, Š.; Hainz, P.; Otáhal, P.; Gabriel, P.; Šroller, V.; Kutinová, L.

Early gene expression of vaccinia virus strains replicating (Praha) and non-replicating (modified vaccinia virus strain Ankara, MVA) in mammalian cells

[rok vydání 2006, impact factor 0.644]